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Conference Concept Design

1. One of the largest international architecture student competitions
AI and architects collaborate on successive, world, national, and grade rankings
The world's largest architectural student competition that comprehensively calculates rankings and ability values

2. Submit unlimited data as it is
You can submit works created in the past as they are, and you can submit PDF, video, CAD, 3D, BIM, etc. with unlimited data capacity and format.

3. Feedback on all submitted works
AI will give feedback to all submitted works based on statistical data on what is done and how much is missing


Conference concept design

The World Architecture Student Award is one of the world's largest architecture student competitions held mainly in Japan, China, the United States, and Europe.
This is a contest where you can submit works such as design assignments, competitions, and graduation works created in the past as they are, aiming for the diverse abilities of architectural students.
We will provide AI analytics feedback to all participating students. It is a cutting-edge growth competition that quantifies architectural design works by a complex of statistics, typology, brain science, and an introduction to architectural design, and judges them fairly by comprehensive evaluation. (Executive Committee)