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We are recruiting architecture students to support KENKOMI.

Administer of KENKOMI

KENKOMI is building a platform on its website that connects architects, architectural universities, the design industry, and architecture students from around the world. Through this platform, we consistently carry out the collection, analysis, evaluation, and design of architectural projects. To aim for the highest level of expertise and cutting-edge development in the field of architectural design, specialized knowledge in architectural design, collection techniques, analytical skills, and logical integration techniques are required.

Participating in globally valuable activities will enhance students' design abilities and contribute to the architectural design industry. We hope you will reflect this in your personal activities and career.

We are looking for members, "Administrators," who can share our vision to deepen our thinking, expand our domains from new perspectives, and promote our activities. By holding meetings with our representative, Shimizu, you can discuss your areas of interest and activities, and participate whenever you have time. We also provide advice on design and research, as well as consultations on graduate school, employment, and company matters for members who join us.

Students in their second year or above are eligible. You can join individually or with friends. Please feel free to apply or consult with us using the form below. We will reply via email.

Activity List

Collection Activities

  • Collecting data and evaluation comments from award-winning works of domestic and international student competitions, graduation projects, proposals, and in-school review sessions. This also includes collecting work collections.

  • Photographing exhibits from domestic and international graduation exhibitions, master's exhibitions, and contests. *Travel expenses will be covered.

  • Collecting architectural magazines.

  • Managing the WASA competition. *Using WIX, experience not required.

Analysis Activities

  • Converting collected data into text. *Using GPT Pro, Excel.

  • Performing quantitative and qualitative evaluations. *Using GPT Pro, Excel.

  • Organizing and backing up the database.

Review Activities

  • Judging WASA competition entries. *Using GPT Pro, Excel.

  • Publishing analysis results on the web. *Using WIX, experience not required.

  • Assisting in book writing and publication.

Public Relations Activities

  • Creating background materials and diagram materials for the website. *Using Adobe.

  • Web design. *Using WIX.

  • Creating the WASA competition pamphlet. *Using Adobe.

  • Producing promotional videos, award-winning works videos, and analysis videos for the WASA competition. *Using Adobe.

  • Designing and producing certificates. Handling domestic and international postal work.

  • Recruiting sponsors and administrators.

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