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Zenkoku Kenkomi .JAPAN is a communication platform established in 2020 in which about 2000 design-related architectural students from all over the world participate. We are looking for members to work with us, aiming to become a professional architectural student group. We are recruiting from inexperienced first year undergraduate students who are interested in architecture and design design, want to share their know-how, want to improve their design skills, and want to make friends with architectural students.

Officer / Deputy Representative

It plays a role in moving the entire organization, negotiating with other organizations and managing the organization, and becomes the face of the organization.

■ Students who want to have a rewarding job to move a large organization

■ Students who want to take the initiative in changing the organization with a view to the foresight

Shooting / video editing department

We will cover graduation design exhibitions and competitions nationwide, archive architectural design works, and edit videos of the award ceremony of the WASA World Architecture Student Award.

■ Students who can use Premiere Pro or After Effects, and students who are interested in shooting and editing.

Web editorial department

We will organize and accumulate information on various architectures. You can join from an inexperienced student.

■ Students who want to collect and understand useful information for architecture students.

■ Students who are interested in web design and who have know-how.


Number of applications: Some people

LINE Management Department

Information is shared in real time with official LINE and open chat every month, and it becomes an infrastructure for architectural students nationwide.

■ Students who are good at collecting information about architecture in real time.

■ Students who can send information on a regular basis.

Design data management department

We will share data by summarizing the landscapes and materials used in architectural design nationwide and around the world.

■ Students interested in modeling, perspective creation, drawing editing, presentation board editing


Number of applications: 2 to 100 people B1 to M2

State-of-the-art technology development department

We will develop Ai, which is the core of the institute, and present technological innovations in future education and optimal solutions for architectural design.


Number of applications: 2 to 100 people B1 to M2

WASA Executive Committee

The executive committee plans and manages the WASA competition and evaluates and esquishes the architectural design.


Number of applications: 2 to 100 people B1 to M2

AI consultant department

Introduce Ai screening in collaboration with graduation exhibitions and other competitions to provide services and at the same time build infrastructure.


Number of applications: Some people

DWSS Development Department

We will develop a system that can search for design proposals using the collected big data.

QR Book Development Department​

We will use the collected big data to design pamphlets, collections of works, business cards and goods, and Goods.

■ Students who can use illustrator and Photoshop / indesign.

■ Students who are interested in design


Number of applications: Some people

Sustainable global community 3 rules

We work together to consider the optimal activity environment according to the will and know-how of individual architecture students.
It is up to each individual to manage the busy period of design, job hunting, and hospital exams.


Use translation

Communicate using a translation app that is easy for you to use. Translate according to the language of the other country
Do your best for typographical errors.