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Conference Concept Design

1. One of the largest international architecture student competitions
AI and architects collaborate on successive, world, national, and grade rankings
The world's largest architectural student competition that comprehensively calculates rankings and ability values

2. Submit unlimited data as it is
You can submit works created in the past as they are, and you can submit PDF, video, CAD, 3D, BIM, etc. with unlimited data capacity and format.

3. Feedback on all submitted works
AI will give feedback to all submitted works based on statistical data on what is done and how much is missing

Participation fee is free

Outline of the operation of the event

Conference concept design

The World Architecture Student Award is one of the world's largest architecture student competitions held mainly in Japan, China, the United States, and Europe.
This is a contest where you can submit works such as design assignments, competitions, and graduation works created in the past as they are, aiming for the diverse abilities of architectural students.
We will provide AI analytics feedback to all participating students. It is a cutting-edge growth competition that quantifies architectural design works by a complex of statistics, typology, brain science, and an introduction to architectural design, and judges them fairly by comprehensive evaluation. (Executive Committee)

Architectural Design 

 World Championship Series 

Architectural students, come together, test your skills, discover your potential.

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Architecture students,
gather around!
Discover your potential.

These students are participating

A detailed analysis of the architect's abilities will be performed on all submitted designs, and a certificate of merit will be issued, quantitatively indicating where and how well the architect has performed, and providing advice. In addition, certificates will be awarded for particularly outstanding work in the various evaluation categories. This is not an arbitrary and highly abstract judging process, but one that demonstrates the designer's ability and encourages the future development and success of architecture students. We aim to create a meaningful competition for everyone, regardless of the type of work, grade, or country. (Yusuke Shimizu, Chairperson of the Executive Committee)


1st and 2nd year undergraduates

I would like to know how well I rank in the world and nationally by grade level.
I want to know about related works and examples of design work.
I want to know how good I am at what I am doing.


3rd year undergraduate student

I would like to revisit a competition or design assignment that I submitted.
I would like advice on other universities' laboratories that I am suited to.
I would like to be introduced to a suitable employer.


Undergraduates, 4th year

I would like to have an esquisite for my graduation design.
I want to know where I stand in the world and in the country.
I want to keep my certificate.


1st to 2nd year of Master's degree

I want to submit a graduation design and keep the certificate.
I want to brush up for job hunting.
I want to be introduced to a job that I am suited for.

❶These students are participating in the program
​❷Required] Entry Period

【Required】 Entry Period

2022 June 1 ~ August 3 23:59 (local time)
August 1st In order to prevent system errors due to heavy access, the submission deadline will be postponed until 23:59 on August 3rd (local time).
August 4th The deadline for submission of English-speaking works is 23:59 on August 3rd.

Application deadline


[Easy entry]

Students who wish to submit to the WASA World Architecture Student Award Competition should complete the entry at the following Google foam. After completing the entry, a confirmation email and a sample file name will be issued. No ID will be issued.

[Entry details]
Basic information input [7 questions] + optimization of examination [9 questions] + confirmation items [3 points]
Average response time 5 minutes


【Required】 Google Entry Form