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■World Architecture Student Award

> 2023 >



World Congress of Architecture Students

It is the largest competition in which architecture students from all over the world participate.
WASA aims at three goals.

Student participation

A tournament that can be enjoyed by all participants regardless of country, language, or grade

Fairness of examination

Fair examination activities that can treat values around the world equally using DBs and systems

Notification of examination

In addition to the award-winning works, the judging process, magnification, trend analysis, etc.

If you are going to participate in the tournament, please be sure to download the tournament brochure and keep it in a safe place.

Tournament flow
Largest International Architecture Student Competition



We will submit the entry form and guide you to submit your work.



Design work data created in the past can be submitted as it is.


Issuing transcripts for all works

AI performs high-precision analysis on all submitted works, calculates esquisse and case, and ranks by ability.


100 works for preliminary screening

Based on the results o
f AI analysis, we will sort out the best leagues and determine the 100 award-winning works relative to each other.


12 works in the second screening
A global vote will be held, and architects, professors, and students of architecture will select an excellent work from among 100 works and decide the champion.


​[Required] Entry Applying
​- End of reception

Application period: November 1, 2022 to August 1, 2023


​[Easy entry]

Students who wish to submit to the WASA World Architectural Student Award Competition should complete the entry on the Googlefoam below. After completing your entry, you will receive a confirmation email and a sample submission file name. No ID will be issued.


​[Contents to be filled in]

​Basic information input [7 questions] + Examination optimization [9 questions] + Confirmation items [3 points]

​Average response time 5 minutes

*Those who entered more than a month ago will be reminded by e-mail one month before the deadline.

[Required] Entry

After submitting the Google Form, you will receive an entry completion email, so please check it.


[Required] Submission of work data Accepting - End of reception

Submission period: November 1, 2023 to August 1, 2023

Number of submissions

​Easy submission of past works

Unlimited submission data capacity



Design proposals related to architecture, cities, and interiors for design assignments, competitions, graduation designs, and master's designs at educational institutions related to architecture (universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, and graduate schools)

■Mandatory■ PDF data (presentation sheet) Evaluate the contents of the proposal and the presentation. The size, shape, and character size of the PDF data are not specified. We expect creative and easy-to-understand expressions.  


■Optional■ Format: Please submit as PDF, JPEG, MP4, DWG, DXF, 3DS, SKP, 3DM, URL, RAR, PPTM link, PLN. Videos, drawings, modeling, etc. will be screened.

*The work can be used in 5 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, German, and Hindi. For other languages, please translate into English.

​* In the case of group design, the representative should submit it.

*If you submit a collection of works (portfolio), etc. that you have created, you will be given feedback on each work, and your profile will not be evaluated. If the density is low, it cannot be evaluated, so please take measures such as attaching supplementary data. ​

*Works that have been submitted to the WASA World Architectural Student Award and the National Architectural Student Award in the past can be submitted if they are brushed up.

*It can also be used as an esquisse for unfinished works.

アンカー 1
 ​Submission method 

❶. Edit the file name of all submitted works to "email address_work title". * __ is a half-width space
*If you are submitting multiple works, please upload them in the same way.
*If you attach multiple works, please number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. after the work title.
*Basically, do not compress the file.

​STEP.2 Open "Googlefoam" 
❷. Open "Googlefoam" for data submission.  Link↓

​STEP.3 Open "Transfernow"
❸.Open the site "Transfernow" that shows the URL of the submitted file. Link↓

❹. Drag and drop or click “start” to upload all files of your work. (within 5GB).
*Do not include your security email or password in your data email.
*If you cannot apply in one time, you can apply in multiple times.

❺. Click "Create a link".
❻. Enter your email address in "Your email address".
❼. Click "Transfer".
❽. Click "Copy".

STEP.4 Open "Googlefoam" 
❾.Enter your email address and ID in "Googlefoam" and paste the URL.

❿. Press "Send" to complete.


[Required] Google foam

After submitting the Google Form, you will receive a submission completion email, so please check it.

Send feedback to all participants

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Preliminary Jury-A

Jury On-board       : AI Genius Architect(AIGA)
Jury Benchmark:AIGA-1G-Version.14
Sense of value    :World standard

AIGA is the most advanced and fair judging format based on a database that has been learned through advanced comparative analysis of past architectural works and the values and thoughts of architects around the world.
AIGA 是基于数据库的最先进和最公平的评审格式,该数据库是通过对过去的建筑作品和世界各地建筑师的价值观和思想进行高级比较分析而获得的。


Preliminary Jury-B


​AI Genius Architect


​​Architect:Yusuke Shimizu
Cooperation:WADL World Architectural Design Laboratory

AI Genius Architect was developed by Yusuke Shimizu, a Japanese architect and critic. Since it is in the development stage, it is reviewed by the developer himself and his lab team.
AI Genius Architect 由日本建筑师和评论家 Yusuke Shimizu 开发。 由于处于开发阶段,因此由开发人员本人和他的实验室团队进行审查。


​Yusuke Shinmizu

Feedback on examination result details
 September 1, 2023 

The ranking is calculated from an objective point of view, including the professional esquisse of architecture based on past statistics.​We provide multifaceted assistance such as presenting related buildings and related books, consulting suitable competitions and laboratories, and recruiting suitable companies.


We provide accurate advice based on comparative analysis based on the advice of more than 100 architects and past cases. Instead of the subjective advice of the architect, we will objectively esquish where and how to make proposals based on AI statistical data.

Rank calculation

A wide range of ranking calculations can be performed for national rankings and world rankings, from grades to successive rankings, using the scoring technology of the designer's diverse abilities. We will evaluate a wide range of abilities by calculating the ranking by ability from various viewpoints, not by calculating the ranking based on the total score.

Case presentation

We will present similar design proposals submitted in the past, existing buildings, architectural ideas, and related examples such as architectural history. By calculating similar proposals from multiple perspectives, it can stimulate the designer's creativity and be useful for brushing up the work of job hunting and graduate school exams.

​Course assistant

Broaden your career path and match suitable employment opportunities by consulting nationally and internationally on the jobs you are suitable for and laboratories conducting similar research based on the work submitted to the university. I can.




WLS Preliminary Judging
100 award-winning works

> NEXT >

​World League Series

Preliminary examination result announcement

 September 1, 2023 

Certificates will be awarded to 100 people by league, and they will be able to participate in the second round of judging.

Based on the ability value calculated by AI screening, the best league that the designer is good at out of 10 leagues will be selected for award screening. A total of 100 winners will be selected by calculating the ranking of each league, world, national, and grade. The winner will be able to advance to the World Championship match.



This is a league in which contestants compete on the level of completion of their design proposals, including their content, expression techniques, thinking ability, creativity, and other special qualities.




























*From 2022, the criteria for award screening have been changed to allow for more multifaceted and highly accurate evaluation.

​~ Certificate of award for the first screening ~

A certificate of merit will be awarded to the 100 designers who have won awards in the preliminary screening.We will individually pack and deliver to each region of the world by international mail.

■Items to be shipped: Award certificate, tournament pamphlet, business card, invoice
■ Format: international mail - surface mail or air mail
■Period: Must arrive mid-January
* Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there may be cases where acceptance is suspended or delivery is delayed depending on the destination country, region, and shipping method.


1st place…Genius architect Medal 2nd place…Master architect Medal
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Proposal Medal 2nd place…Master Proposal Medal
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Presentation Medal 2nd place…Master Presentation Medal
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Medal of Originality 2nd place…Maste Medalof Originality
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Medalof of Realistic 2nd place…Maste Medalof Realistic
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Context Medal 2nd place…Maste Context Medal
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Building Medal 2nd place…Maste Building Medal
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Maniera Medal 2nd place…MasteManiera Medal
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Form design Medal 2nd place…Maste Form design Medal
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


1st place…Genius Space design Medal 2nd place…Maste Space design Medal
3rd place and above…Best Selection Award​


You have proven yourself to be the best architecture student in the world by submitting your best work to the 
WASA World Architecture Student Award.
Therefore, I admire and award this here.  


WCSS secondary screening
13 works champion

> NEXT >

​World Championship Series

Secondary Judging World Voting
 October 1st to November 1st, 2023 

100 works that have passed the qualifying examination of the WLS World League match will be published on the web and YouTube, and the second examination will be conducted based on the score obtained by the global vote. The screening results will be published on YouTube. At that time, a presentation video of the award-winning work will be distributed, and comments and questions and answers from architecture students, architects, and professors around the world will be solicited.

Each vote has a different weight. The weight adjustment will be revised based on the analysis of the previous tournament.

・ University faculty (professor, assistant, lecturer)
・ Designers (general contractors, organizational design, house makers, real estate, urban planning, etc.)
・Architecture student (graduate school)
・Architecture students (universities, junior colleges, vocational schools)
・ General other than architecture

You can view, vote, and comment on the work from the YouTube summary column or the competition page.

​Second screening result announcement

 November 1, 2023 

We will decide 13 champions

The second judging will be broadcasted on YouTube and the work will be translated into four languages and archived while being transmitted to the world, and votes and opinions will be collected from all over the world. In addition to the first AI judging, in the second judging, architects, professors, and students from all over the world will conduct a global vote and question-and-answer session to determine 14 champions.

No. 1 in the world

World Championship Gold Medal・・・1 work​

2nd place in the world

World Championship Silver Medal・・・1 work

3rd place in the world

World Championship Bronze Medal・・・1 work

1st place in each league

World Championship Medal・・・10 work

​~ Prize-$1,700 ~

A prize of $1,700 will be awarded from the WASA World Architecture Student Award. from 2023​The currency will be remitted to each country according to the exchange rate , based on the US dollar. Please note that you will need to submit documents such as your passport for the procedure.Please note that remittances may not be possible in some areas.


World Championship
Gold Medal

$1000 USA
(¥ 139,790) Japan
​(Yuan 7,113) China
​(Euro 962) Europe

World Championship
Silver Medal

$500 USA
(¥69,900) Japan
​(Yuan 3,557) China
​(Euro 482) Europe

World Championship
Bronze Medal

$200 USA
(¥27,958) Japan
​(Yuan 1,422) China​
(Euro 193) Europe

​~ certificate ~

A certificate will be awarded to the designer who won the award in the second screening.
We will individually pack and deliver to each region of the world by international mail.


You were recognized as an excellent designer with the most nominations from architects, professors and students around the world in the world championship of the WASA World Architecture Student Awards.
Therefore, I admire and award this here.  

■Items to be shipped: Award certificate, tournament pamphlet, business card, invoice
■ Format: international mail - surface mail or air mail
■Period: Must arrive mid-January
* Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there may be cases where acceptance is suspended or delivery is delayed depending on the destination country, region, and shipping method.

Tournament official

> NEXT >





ダウンロード (1)sd.jpg
ダウンロード (1)ss.jpg
ダウンロード (1)ssd.jpg
ダウンロード (1)sdd.jpg
アセット 2.png
ダウンロード (1).jpg
ダウンロード (1)s.jpg
 Copyright policy 
  • The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant, but the organizer retains the rights to publish it on the website and magazines, and we will announce the winning work, school name, name, etc. Please note. In addition, if the submitted work is used for the purpose of the organizer's business, we will consult separately. Please take the copyright into consideration when using images, illustrations, etc., that you have taken or created yourself. Part or all of the submitted work must not infringe on the copyrights of others. If any copyright infringement or other doubts are discovered after winning the prize, the applicant will be responsible. Also, in such a case, the prize may be canceled at the discretion of the organizer.

 Privacy policy 
  • Personal information will be handled by the organizer and the WASA World Architectural Student Awards Executive Committee, which cooperates with the implementation, to receive and inquire about submissions, notify the results of the examination, provide event information for Nikken Gakuin, a cooperating partner, and scout for Reinos Co., Ltd., a cooperating partner. Information will be used for guidance, matters deemed necessary for the operation of the competition, and guidance for the next time onwards. In principle, personal information will not be used or provided to third parties for any other purpose without the consent of the individual, except in cases based on the provisions of laws and regulations.

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