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​   What is the World Architecture Student Award    

The World Architecture Student Award is the world's largest architecture student competition held mainly in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. This contest aims at the comprehensive ability of architectural students to carry out design subject works, submitted competitions, graduation design works, etc. that were undertaken by educational institutions related to architecture (universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, graduate schools). With the complex of statistics, typology and an introduction to architectural design, architectural design works can be quantified and judged fairly by comprehensive evaluation. In addition, we will issue a transcript that analyzes the abilities of the architectural designer in detail for all the submitted design works, quantitatively shows where and how much is done, and gives advice. In addition, a certificate will be awarded to works that are particularly excellent in various evaluation axes. This is not an arbitrary and very abstract examination, but shows the ability of the designer and hopes for the future development and success of architectural students. We are aiming for a meaningful competition for everyone regardless of the type of work, grade, or country. (Executive Committee Chair Yusuke Shimizu)

[Required 1]. Entry period: June 1st-August 1st 23:59 every year

  ​Examination criteria   

At present, it is clear that a wide variety of architectural concepts, building types, methods, construction methods, forms, and spatial possibilities are shown by architectural history and design theory, and the chaotic situation continues. It is indispensable to respect individuality in the final work that an architectural student should aim for, but it may be inclined to the international modernist thinking of design works that show new possibilities such as proposals of methods and forms born from methods. And not just leaning towards the bana-carry organic thoughts of responding to local contacts, rather than leaning towards the functionalist thoughts of modern building types, just diverse spaces and I'm not leaning towards the modern way of thinking about landscapes. In other words, while solving social problems, it has a theme (unique and unique proposal) for all of the design components of the site, usage, method, form, and space, and has a reality that can be realized for all. Isn't it the work that should be finally reached by the work in which each design component is organically combined, that is, inevitably and logically interacted with each other? This is a work that takes into account the need for clarity (coined words) for a variety of modern times, and therefore shows the inevitable need for a work with a high degree of perfection.

The application deadline for WASA World Architecture Student Award 2021

[Required 2]. PDF work submission period: July 1st-August 1st 23:59

  ​Proposed method  

Data for competitions will be submitted by Gigafile or Gmail. Please refer to the PDF file "Data Submission Information" below and submit the data by August 1. [Submission] (1) Required PDF data (presentation sheet) We will evaluate the content of the proposal and the presentation. (Adjustment method) (2) Arbitrary perspective, video, drawings, modeling, etc. We will conduct a more specific examination such as the degree of perfection of the design. (Addition method) Format: PDF, JPEG, MP4, DWG, DXF, 3DS, SKP, 3DM, PLN

The application deadline for WASA World Architecture Student Award 2021

  Qualification requirements  

1. Architectural design works such as university design issues, competitions, graduation designs, etc.

* Works that have already been submitted are also possible

2. Up to 5 works can be submitted per person, and feedback and scoring will be given to all.

3. Save in PDF format and submit. (Data size within 1TB, size, shape, number of pages such as A3 and A1 are free) Please use PDF as the format. Please do not submit any assignments other than the work.

* Since the submission and examination of the work is done in PDF, the size and shape of the sheet, the size of the characters, etc. are not specified. Feel free to express yourself according to your work.

[3]. Notify everyone of transcripts (examination results) September

■ New precision scoring evaluation transcript ver10
The precision scoring of the National Architectural Student Award extracts all the evaluations of architects over the past 10 years, such as the National Architectural Student Award, National Graduation Design Exhibition, SDL, DR, ADC, JIA, and Tokyo Architecture Collection, in the production and presentation fields. , The latest scoring system that has been categorized and reconstructed into the overall point addition field. This allows all works of different genres to be evaluated equally. Please see the reference scoring table for details. This Competition not only gives national rankings and grade rankings, but also gives feedback on all submitted works, suggesting future company types that are suitable for you and competitions that are suitable for you. We look forward to the active participation and further growth of architectural students nationwide.

■ Transcripts are calculated by the world's top class rigorous examination. Please use the transcript for job hunting and graduate school exams. 

[4]. Awards are given to each of the world, national, grade, and work type.

The award will be given to the best architectural student derived from past architectural design work data and architect's evaluation criteria. This certificate is a proof that the future AI scoring has been developed to a higher level.It is a proof of the design skills of architectural students. We look forward to further development and success in future architectural design. (Certificate, plaque, and supplementary prize will be sent by mail. 


In addition to the above diplomas, students with a score of the top 1% or higher will be awarded a designer award (ONE, PERCENT, AWARD). 
If the number of entries is extremely small, we may change the winning content. Thank you for your understanding. 

[5] Scoring result from September 5th

The World Architecture Student Award / National Architecture Student Award Competition evaluates the abilities of designers based on objective statistics.

The winners of WASA World Architecture Student 2021 are announced from the link below.

[6] Return of Feedback September 5th to September 10th

Detailed analysis and feedback of the submitted works will be returned by email from September 10th to September 10th. Please wait for a while until the feedback is returned.


  • The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant, but the organizer owns the right to publish it on the website and magazines, and the winning work, school name, name, etc. will be announced. Please note. In addition, if you want to use the submitted work for the organizer's business execution, we will consult with you separately. Please consider the copyright of the images and illustrations to be posted in the work, and use the ones you took and created yourself. Part or all of the submitted work must not infringe the copyright of others. Applicants are solely responsible for any copyright infringement or other suspicions found after winning a prize. In such a case, the prize may be canceled at the discretion of the organizer. Please note that the change of the holding period may be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances. Personal information will be used by the organizer and the National Kenkomi Executive Committee for implementation cooperation to accept and inquire about submitted works, notify the results of examinations, other matters that are considered necessary for the competition, and provide guidance from the next time onward. Let me do it. As a general rule, we will not use personal information or provide it to a third party for any other purpose without the consent of the individual, except in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.